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Date 02/04/2015

FATA Disaster Management Authority

FATA Disaster Management Authority (FDMA) is a Federal Government Organization, Which deals with Natural or Man-made Disasters in Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. FDMA's mandate is to engage in activities concerning to all four stages of Disaster Management Specturm.

The Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) is strategically located between the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and the settled areas of Khyber Pakhtun Khwa. FATA, both historically and traditionally had a unique administrative and political status from the British times since 1849. However, in 1893, a demarcation was raised with Afghanistan called Durand Line. They controlled the area through a combination of effective Political Agents and tribal elders, while leaving the people with their traditions and internal independence. Pakistan inherited this system and more or less continues with it even today. Since the independence of Pakistan, FATA has not been accorded the same priority in terms of the development process being undertaken in other parts of the country. The development initiatives and allocations in FATA followed a compartmentalized approach, concentrated around sectoral facilities and benefiting few influential and politically active sections. This ad hoc approach deprived large segments of the population from social uplift, and economic empowerment.

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DSR on Return of TDPs of Bara Khyber, SWA & NWA 1.4.2015

  Daily Situation Report on Return of TDPs of Bara Khyber Agency, South Waziristan Agency and North Waziristan Agency (1st Phase) Dated 01.04.2015   Today on 1st April 2015, TDP […]

TDPs Statistics as of 10-03-2015

  Agency Total Registration NADRA Verified Registered Return Spontaneous Return Un-Registered Return Active for Food Total Balance Bajaur 86407 72895 72895 0 0 0 0 FR-Tank 2256 2228 1852 0 […]

DPs Return Phase 2- Tirah Khyber Agency 2014

DPs Return Phase 2 Updates of Tirah Khyber Agency As of 31.05.2014   A. Jerma Embarkation Point. Date Location Families Male Female Individual Total up to 17/5/2014 Jerma 911 2,382 […]

DPs Return Phase 3- Tirah Khyber Agency 2014

Left over DPs Return Phase 3 (Duly verified by Political Administration) Tirah Khyber Agency As of 25.07.2014
 Friday October 24, 2014

TDPs Enlistment Khyber Agency

Enlistment of the TDPs Displaced from Khyber Agency via Different Locations
 Wednesday October 22, 2014