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No. 03/2016-17 Single stage – two –envelope procedure

  • FATA Disaster Management Authority (FDMA) intends to procure 8000 tents from the reputed manufacturer /authorized dealers for which sealed bids/quotation are invited as per specifications, terms and conditions.
  • Specification: family tent of double ply single fold, having standard size 4×4 meters, with ground sheet of PE material.
  • Material: outer Fold of heavy water proof, rot proof cotton canvas, weight 420-450 gsm (+_5%) inner fold of heavy proof, rot proof cotton canvas weight 420-450 gsm (+_5%).
  •  Size and Measurement: size 4×4 meters, Minimum Rigid length 4 meter, Minimum central height 2 meters, Minimum side wall 0.9 meters, windows on both sides 2×2 fts, P.E ground sheet (150 gsm) 4×4 meters, P.E ground sheet (150 gsm – 10 inches, size of outer lap 12 inches, front out hood-canvas or PE materials, color-off white or light green, weight- minimum 42 kgs, instruction page for pitching.
  • Accessories of Tent: 2 standing iron poles of M.S.Pipe of 1.5 inch of 16 SWG with base, one rigid iron pole in two pieces of equal size joint together with a 10 inch long socket of larger dia welded to one piece. Welding should be complete and touching welding will not be accepted, 08x ropes of 3 meters on each side and 2x ropes of 4 meters on front/back side of tent. Rope cotton un-dyed with reinforcement of cloth pads along with 12 runners (one with each rope). Braded rope shall also be accepted, 1x hammer with wood or plastic handle of approx 1kg, 10x pegs of large size for outer pitching (MS Bar 5/8”x 14”), 16x Pins for mud flap pitching (MS bar 5/8” X 8”), 3x packing bags, one each for tent canvas, tents poles and accessories. FDMA color logo (Green): FDMA color logo of 1×1 meters die on both side of the tent to be printed/pasted at central of the tent. Small logo 1×1 feet die to be printed/pasted of center of the tent bag/cover. Manufacture name and batch number: manufacture name, batch/lot number, date of manufacturing and NOT FOR SALE on outer cover (front wall) should be printed.
  • Single stage two envelopes procedure shall be adopted. The envelope shall contain 2 sealed envelopes separately. Bids accompanied with 5 % of the total bids cost as bid security in the form of call deposit/bank draft (refundable) drawn in favor of “DG FDMA” shall reach FDMA on or before Monday 11.09.2017 at 12:30 PM, along with tents sample which will be displayed in the FDMA HQ Peshawar before the procurement committee, technical bids will be opened on the same date after successful evaluation of technical proposal/sample, the financial proposal will be opened on Thursday 28.09.2017 at 12.00 PM.
  • Bids shall contain the following information:
  • NTN and sales tax number along with up to date clearance certificate issued by FBR and should be on (ATL).
  • Professional tax registration with excise and taxation department along with clearance certificate for the year 2016-2017 from E&T department otherwise the same will be deducted at source from the final bill.
  •  Daily production capacity and ex-stock Position.
  • Attested copy of ISO 9001 certificate, to be produced in original on demand.
  • Rate shall be inclusive of all taxes and transportation charges including loading/unloading.
  • Authorized dealership certification issued by manufacturers for the authorized dealers.
  • VII.Call deposit bank draft must be placed in the enveloped marked as financial.
  • VIII An  undertaking that the bid security has been provided in financial proposal should be placed in technical proposal.


  • Bid with multiple options shall be rejected on the spot.
  • The manufacturer/authorized dealers will provide an undertaking to supply the items, preferably ex-stock immediately after issuance of the supply order but not later than 15 days.
  • Prices must be valid for a minimum of 90 days from the date of bid opening.
  • Bids to be submitted in Pak Rupees only and shall be inclusive of all taxes. Unit price and total price both must be in figures and words on quotation.
  • Competent authority may reject all bids or proposal at any time prior to the acceptance of bids or proposal and upon request will communicate to any manufacturer/authorized dealers the grounds for rejections of the bids
  • Attested/certified copy of the ISO-9001 certificate must be attached with the bid
  • Sample of the tent shall be provided with the bid otherwise, the bid will be rejected at once and on the occasion.
  • The bidders will submit tent sample with technical proposal, the tents will be measured by the Procurement Committee, if the sample or technical proposal does not not match with the requirement of FDMA the bidder at once will be rejected on occasion.
  • Financial bids of technically qualified firms will be opened on specific date and lowest among them shall be selected for acceptance of rate meeting all other requirements.
  • The successful bidder shall be required to sign an agreement with FDMA for which sample agreement has been provided in bidding documents.
  • Bids with incomplete documents, received after the given deadline or offer for less than the given number of items, or demand draft less than 5% of the total offered bid cost, and/or not fulfilling the specification mentioned in the tender, will be rejected.
  • The successful bidders shall have to abide by Public Procurement Rules, procedures and instructions of the Federal Govt issued from time to time.
  • No advance payment will be made.
  • Deduction of all Govt taxes will be made at source as per rules
  • In case of non production of professional tax clearance certificate for the year 2016-17 from E&T department, deduction will be made at source from the final bill.
  • Tents shall be delivered to South Waziristan Agency, North Waziristan Agency and Khyber Agency or as per destination/location designated by FDMA and loading/unloading charges will be borne by the bidder.
  • The competent authority may increase or decrease the quantity of tents keeping in view the actual requirement at the time of issuance of the supply order in accordance with the provision of the PPRA rules.
  • Supply should be made within 15 days after issuance of work/supply order.
  • Any other law/rules can be incorporated to make the process transparent by the competent authority.
  • Any firm /company black listed/ under process of blacklisting by FDMA/ any other Govt entity will not be eligible for tender/qualification.
  • As per standard contract obligations, the bulk should be in conformity with the sample for which necessary test may be conducted later on.






                                                                                                                (Muhammad Riaz Khan)

                                                                                                                    Director Administration,

                                                                                            FATA Disaster Management Authority,

                                                               House 10-C-II Railway Road University Town Peshawar:

                                                                                                 Phone No.091-9216864 & 9216336




  • Control Room activated round the clock in FDMA having following telephone number: 091-9216336
  • Political Administration has been put on high alert to monitor situation and undertake precautionary measures as well as to provide immediate
  • Resources placed at the disposal of the Political Administration for provision of emergency relief on need basis.
  • Political Administration advised to share daily report about casualties / injuries/damages on prescribed format.
  • The following casualties/injuries/damages to infrastructure etc. have been reported in the on-going monsoon spell:
Human Losses
Agency/FRs Deaths Injured Remarks & Ref #
Male Female Children Male Female Children
North Waziristan Agency 0 1 4 0 0 1+1 According to his letter No. 474/PO/DSR/17, dated: 15-07-2017 one women and child dead in village Dossali NWA due to on-going spell of monsoon 2017.
Kurram Agency 2 1 6  
Bajaur Agency 0 1 0 0 1 0 According to his letter No. 260/P-T (W-M) dated: 15-07-2017 one women dead & one women minor injured in village Kaga Bajaur Agency due to on-going spell of monsoon 2017.
Grand Total 0 4 4 1 7 2  


Agency/FRs House Damages Remarks & Ref #
Partially Fully Total
North Waziristan Agency 0 1 01+1  The roof of one room Govt. High School Dossali collapsed,
Kurram Agency 0 1 01  
Bajaur Agency 0 0 0  
Grand Total 02 03  


Director (Operation & Relief)

FATA Disaster Management Authority




  • Post National Action Plan(NAP) Return (Since March 2015 till Date)




Agency A=VRF Return B=De-regrd Signed VRFs till 17 April A+B=Total VRF Return C=Total De-Registration C-B=De-regrd excluding 4558 VRF Return
NWA 65,221 2,027 67,248 25,360 23,333
SWA 55,844 1,536 57,380 8,461 6,925
Khyber 75,928 877 76,805 4,646 3,783
Orakzai 13,438 118 13,556 17,020 16,902
Kurram 16,288 0 16,288 11,371 11,371
Total 226,719 4,558 231,277 66,858 62,300



  • Today Return & Overall TDP’s Statistics as of Aug 15,2017




Agency Caseload Non-Verified/Un-Reg Return Verified Return Balance
Today Pre NAP Post NAP Today So far
NWA 105676 0 0 20792 0 90581 15095
SWA 71124 0 0 79150 18 68451 2673
Khyber 91689 0 14026 42421 0 90503 1186
Orakzai 35823 0 14114 5420 0 35823 0
Kurram 33024 0 12179 2335 0 33024 0
Total 337336 0 40319 150118 18 318382 18,954


  • TDPs Repatriated from Khost Afghanistan to TDPs Camp Bakka Khel 





Date Number of Families Arrived NADRA Verified (Old+New) Returned(VRF+De-Reg) Existing Balance Name of Native Villages Tehsil Remarks
Previous 4248 1648+1908=3556 853+1134=1987 1743 Hassan khel Saidgi,Golak khel, Haider khel, Khaddar Khel,Machi Data khel ,Ghulam khan,Spinwam out of 3556 NADRA verified  families   1743 are remaining
To Day (15-07-2017) 0 0 0 0
Total 4248 3556 1987 1743


  • Caseload Shared with Cellular Companies for Disbursement


Company wise Return Agency wise Return Summary
NWA SWA Kbyber Orakzai Kurram
Mobilink 111486 107409 0 0 51661 47570 43175 43188 362 363 16288 16288
Telenor 56861 50441 0 0 8986 8957 35181 28795 12694 12689 0 0
Zong 70351 70413 65476 65547 0 0 4875 4866 0 0 0 0
ufone 475 504 0 0 0 0 0 0 475 504 0 0
Grand Total 239173 228767 65476 65547 60647 56527 83231 76849 13531 13556 16288 16288





  • Contact Details





  • FDMA Office   
  • 091-9216403
  • Mian Adil Zahoor

Assistant Director Operations & Relief



  • Ata ur Rahman

Assistant Director ICT