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Early Recovery

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Early Recovery is to restore the capacity of national and local institutions and communities to recover from a conflict or a natural disaster. This transition phase aims at assisting communities to “build back better”, to avoid relapses. ER is a multidimensional process guided by development principles to bridge humanitarian, recovery and longer term development. ER interventions while built on humanitarian assistance seeks to catalyze sustainable development opportunities.


Early Recovery Launching


FDMA & UNDP with the support of 13 UN Agencies have launched the first ever Inter Agency Early Recovery Need Assessment (IAERNA) on 25th Oct, 2011. The assessment was formally launched by the Additional Chief Secretary FATA Mr. Fazal Karim Khattak. The occasion was attended by a large number of FATA Secretariat Officers and different heads of UN agencies and International NGOs.


Speaking on the occasion ACS FATA retrial his full support to all the UN agencies involve in the assessment. They also informed the participants that this assessment will play a very important role in the future long term development planning for the people of FATA.


DG FDMA Mr. Arshad Khan & Mr . Jean-luc Deputy Country Director UNDP speaking on the occasion had thanked all the participating UN agencies & assured their support for the reintegration of FATA IDPs in their areas of return.


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