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Subject:           Emergency procurement for the TDPs of Tehsil Ghulam Khan


TDP Support & Management Secretariat on 10.05.2016 asked for immediate provision of pedestal fans, water coolers and iron bed to around 300 newly arrived TDPS of Tehsil Ghulam Khan in the TDP Camp Baka Khel.

Since the items were needed in emergency, therefore, with approval of the competent authority, all the pre-qualified contractors were asked to provide quotations for provision of 300 pedestal fans, 600 Iron beds and 300 water coolers latest 11-05-2016.

Quotations were opened on 12.12.2016 by the Procurement Committee in presence of the bidders who took part in the bidding process. Rates offered for different items by the bidders are as under:-

Pedestal Fans Water Cooler Iron bed (Charpai)
Pearl Associates 3,450/- 640/- 2,190/-
Bilal Traders 635/- 2,280
Dawazai & Company 3,290/- 879/- 2,190/-
Advance Business Component 2,750/- 485/- 1,950/-
Super Asia Muhammad Din & Sons 4,000/-

M/S Advance Business Component offers for the iron bed/Charpai, water cooler and pedestal fans were lowest, therefore, the procurement committee asked the said supplier to provide samples for inspection of the committee. Samples were provided which were inspected by the committee and were found satisfactory. Moreover, warranty of the pedestal fans was obtained.

After inspecting the samples, the procurement committee recommended procurement of required items from M/S Advance Business Component being the successful evaluated bidder. Proceedings of the committee were duly recorded in writings and were approved by the Director General, FDMA.

Supply order was issued to the successfully evaluated bidder and the supply has been received which was found satisfactory a local committee at the TDP Camp Baka Khel and the items have been distributed among the TDPs in coordination with Pakistan Army local formations.