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Application are invited from interested Suppliers/Contractors for enlistment for supply of the following categories of food, & nonfood items services required for relief operations in the FATA in the event of any disaster or emergency.

  • Food item (Annexure-I)
  • Non-food items (Annexure-II)
  • Transporters (Annexure III)
  • Application Form (Annexure-IV)
  • The pre-qualification of Suppliers/Contractors/Transporters shall be initially for the period of one year commencing from the date of official notification of prequalification and can be renewed annually on the basis of their satisfactory performance provided that they have not breached any of the terms and conditions of the surety bond and agreement made with the FDMA after its enlistment as such or has not been blacklisted by any procuring entity or has not lost the minimum criteria required for enlistment.
  • Those interested Suppliers/ Contractors/ Transporters possessing professional certificate for 2017-2018 issued by the Excise and Taxation Department may apply on the prescribed format, which are attached below with this documents, and the application shall reach the FDMA on or before November 7, 2017 till 12:00 pm. Evaluation will be carried out on the same date by procurement committee at 1:00 PM
  • The following documents shall be attached with the application form: –
  • Legal status along with proof of registration with one of the Federal or Provincial Acts and proof of being a taxpayer.
  • Firm applying for tent category should be manufacturers and should have supplied tents of Rs 30 million or above in previous year 2016-17.
  • Organizational profile, relevant experience, past performance, list of clients and references of the last three years in the category for which applied for.
  • Possess the necessary professional and technical qualification, professional and technical experience, financial resources, equipment’s, managerial capacity, experience and personnel to perform the contract.
  • Financial position for the last three years including bank statement and audited reports by an external auditor.
  • NTN and sales tax registration certificate
  • Have not been barred by a Procuring Entity with regard to their professional conduct making of false statement misrepresentation as to their qualification for enlistment or have not been otherwise disqualified pursuant to disbarment proceedings.
  • Details of organizations/Department to whom such supplies were made during the last three years.
  • The applicants upon Pre-Qualification will be required to start supply of food items & nonfood items at short notice to cater emergency at any place in the FATA during disaster/emergencies situation without making payment in advance.
  • The Pre-qualified firms who failed to provide response either in terms of provision of quotation or supply of the required items within the given deadline, would automatically be disqualified FDMA.
  • Payment will be made after satisfactory completion of the supply order and will be subject to deduction of all applicable taxes such as sales tax, income tax, stamp duty and other taxes.
  • The above notice is only for pre-qualification and the department reserve the right to call for rates for supply of food, nonfood & transport items only on need basis in emergency or any other situation.
  • The quantity can be procured on need basis.
  • The quantity can be increased or decreased in case of emergency.
  • Any firms/contractors black listed/under process of black listing by FDMA/any other Government entity will not be eligible for pre-qualification.
  • Note: incomplete applications forms or forms with incomplete documents will not be accepted.



                                                                                                      Muhammad Riaz Khan

                                                                                                       Director Administration

                                                                                          FATA Disaster Management Authority