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Publication & Documents

Below is a list of documents published by various Government Departments and Humanitarian Agencies;

Build Back Better (In Recovery , Rehabilitation & Reconstruction) 2017 Consultative “Version by ADPC”
FDMA Annual Report 2016
FDMA Annual Report
FDMA Training  2016
Protection Training Report December final
FATA Monsoon Contingency Plan 2016
Khyber Agency Tirah Assessment Report (Jan 2014)  
Plan of Action for Safe School and Educational Buildings in FATA.
Women Desk FDMA
Published by FDMA
DG FDMA Presentation to the Senate Committee on Human Rights  (Feb, 2011)
Flood 2010 Damages Assessment (FATA) (Feb, 2011)
Return Policy Framework (Feb, 2011)
Published by UN
Pakistan – Flood Relief & Early Recovery Respons Plan (Nov 2010)
Published by World Bank / Asian Development Bank
Pakistan Floods 2010 DNA (Nov 2010)
Published by GOP
Post Crisis Need Assessment (Full Report) (March 2011)
DRR Plan FATA (July 2012)